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Think About These Before You Buy!

Top 5 Things Buyers Miss When Looking at a Home Prior to Purchasing

You’ll fallen in love with a house, and an inspector has given it an OK. Does that mean the house has no issues? Since there’s no such thing as a perfect house, even in new construction. There’s always a possibility you missed something that may prove a deal breaker or major disappointment simply because it didn’t cross your mind. Rather than rue your purchase, make sure these conditions aren’t an issue with your intended home.

Check Out the Nightlife

It’s likely you paid visits to the home during the day. Prior to purchase, check out the neighborhood at night. It’s possible you’ll find it’s not as peaceful and quiet as you hoped. Perhaps that bar/restaurant down the block attracts a rowdy crowd, or there are neighbors whose dogs bark incessantly.

Look at Zoning

You’re buying a house in what looks like a nice, residential neighborhood. Don’t assume that the neighborhood’s use can’t change – check out the zoning regulations. Also look at the history of the particular home. If the house doesn’t conform to current zoning, such as setbacks, it’s likely grandfathered in. Those regulations, however, can prevent you from making certain changes, including additions.

Is Everything Legal?

Homeowners don’t always follow the law when making renovations. For example, it’s not unusual for someone to turn the wet bar in their lanai – a legal use – into a “full” kitchen with the addition of a stove. That one appliance makes the setup illegal. If two “kitchens” were a factor in your buying the house, you’re out of luck when the appraiser or inspector discover the illegal use.
If the house sports a new kitchen, bathroom or addition, check with the municipality to ensure everything was done to code. Once you purchase the house, you’re responsible for ensuring the property is up to code. Not only is that potentially very costly, you could end up having to tear down illegal work and start from scratch.


If you’re buying a house subject to a homeowner’s association (HOA) rules, you must know exactly what the HOA regulations entail. Decide whether or not you can live with any of the restrictions. For example, you don’t want to move in and find out that Fido is over the weight limit for dogs allowed in the development.

Think About Resale Value

Perhaps you got a great deal on the house because of some element that doesn’t appeal to many buyers, such as location on a busy road. It’s not an issue if you can deal with it and indeed to stay put for decades. However, we never know what the future brings, and you don’t want to commit to a house you will have a hard time selling or may have to take a loss on. With real estate, you always have to think with your head instead of just your heart.

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