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Summer Maintenance

It’s Summertime … and There’s Maintenance to Do

Summer and “home maintenance” aren’t exactly synonymous, but it really is a great time of year to get certain things done. Unlike other parts of the country, in Hawaii the weather doesn’t factor into getting work done, but longer daylight hours and perhaps early Friday dismissal give you more time. Since you’ll probably entertain more frequently in summer, you want your home to look top-notch.

Air Conditioning

You don’t want to lose your air conditioning in the midst of summer heat. Have your annual inspection scheduled prior to the onset of really hot weather. A regular tune-up prevents many air conditioning system breakdowns. While a professional should check the system and perform any work needed, make sure to monitor the filters consistently and keep them clean.

Window Sealing

Even if your air conditioning system is in prime working order, you’re losing cool air – and running up your electric bill – if your windows are properly sealed. Now is the time to check all of your windows, and caulk areas where sealing is needed. A good window washing each summer also adds to the beauty of your home.

Sealing and saving energy and money isn’t limited to windows or doors. Examine your walls, ceilings and other areas for any cracks and caulk or insulate them. That’s another way to keep cool air inside while not making your air conditioning system work harder.

Roof and Gutter Woes

An annual roof maintenance check before it gets too hot is always a wise idea. If you feel comfortable accessing the roof yourself, look for any broken or otherwise compromised shingles. Minor roof repairs as needed can save you the expense of replacing the entire roof and extend the roof’s life. You don’t want to wait until an emergency occurs and you are placing buckets all over your floors.

If your gutters are broken or otherwise not working correctly, you’ve got a problem come the rainy season. Look for any breaks or cracks, and have gutter or roofing professional fix them. If it’s simply a matter of cleaning the gutters, you can probably do that yourself.

Pressure Washing

In Hawaii, you’re always fighting a battle against mold and mildew. A yearly pressure washing not only improves the look of your home, but gets rid of bacteria. Pressure or power washings also work well to clean driveways and any concrete surfaces. Your home just sparkles when guests come over for barbeques.

Clean and Close the Blinds

Give your blinds a good cleaning prior to summer, and keep them closed during the hottest part of the day to reduce the temperature in the house. Closing the blinds can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 10 degrees, again saving energy and utility bills.

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