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Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that axiom applies to your house when potential buyers arrive. Curb appeal can mean the difference between love at first sight or the decision to bypass the house altogether. Enhancing curb appeal might mean a much faster sale, and possible multiple bids. Pretend you’re viewing your house for the first time and take a long, objective look at it. What do you see, and what do you want buyers to see?

Fresh and Clean

To appeal to buyers, your home must appear fresh and clean. If the house needs painting, invest the money and have it done. Power washing will rid your driveway and walkways of accumulated grunge. Get rid of any clutter on your porch or in your yard. Wash your windows and make them shine – they are the mirrors to the soul of your home. Repair or replace anything detracting from your house and yard, whether it is sagging gutters, broken fencing or cracked pavement.


In the tropics, landscaping easily becomes overgrown. Prune back excess growth, or remove some of the out-of-control bushes and replace them with flowering annuals. Put in fresh mulch, and add a border to clearly delineate the garden from the lawn.
The lawn should always look green and immaculate, not just trimmed but carefully edged. If your lawn needs work, contact a professional for advice ahead of time so your grass flourishes when the house is on the market.

Up on the Roof

The roof’s condition makes a major statement about the home’s overall shape. Put your roof in order prior to sale by replacing any missing or damaged shingles. Hire a professional to clean the roof so that it looks as well-maintained as the rest of the house.

The Mailbox

A run-of-the-mill mailbox doesn’t reflect well on your house. If you don’t want to install an upscale mailbox, make your current one stand out by planting flowers around it and giving it a coat of paint. Brass or architectural address numbers add a nice touch to your mailbox or house.

Driveway Enhancement

If your driveway is boring, give it a border for a more sophisticated look. In an upscale neighborhood, Belgian block is the top choice, but cement pavers along the edge complement any driveway.

Update Exterior Lights

Many buyers will likely visit your house after work, and the right exterior lighting can help make the sale. If your exterior lights need an update, replace them with fixtures and bulbs that accentuate your house’s best features. You also want to ensure that the entrance way, walkway and driveway are well-lit for safety purposes.

Welcome Home

Good curb appeal means your house welcomes visitors. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some new hardware, add some blooms in pots and put out an attractive new welcome mat. With the right curb appeal, a new owner will call your current house “home” in short order.

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