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How to Host a Successful Open House

How to Host a Successful Open House

An open house provides great exposure to buyers looking for a home in your neighborhood. Yes, you’ll have your share of curious neighbors or people whose Sunday rituals include visiting open houses, but there’s a good chance your dwelling’s next new owner will discover it in an open house. Your real estate agent handles the open house itself, but you’re still the host, even if behind the scenes or off the premises. You’re the one whose taste and décor is on display, even if you’ve made some changes for open house visitors.

Neat and Clean, But so Much More

Of course, your house must sparkle, but you want to create an entire ambience. Evoke a warm, homey feeling by baking cookies and letting the aroma linger. Place some lovely, fragrant plants strategically around the house. Put away the family photos – potential buyers want to imagine themselves living here, not the current occupants. Stage your home with that idea in mind. Anything controversial, whether it concerns political views or art not everyone appreciates, should go into temporary storage.

Closets and Drawers

Clean your closets and organize your drawers prior to your open house. Buyers will look in there to gauge space, and don’t want to come into contact with junk piled in there to make the rest of the home appear less cluttered. If you have to take half of your clothes and shoes out and put them in storage, that’s better than having them kill a possible sale.

Advertise Online and on Social Media

Gone are the days when potential homebuyers perused the Sunday papers to seek out open houses. Today, you want to showcase your open house via social media – with tons of photos and/or video – as well as appropriate internet listings. Yes, there’s an app for local open houses, so make sure your home is included.

Signs and More Signs

Your real estate agent will place appropriate signs around the neighborhood advertising your open house. Attach balloons to the sign in front of your house to let visitors know they’ve arrived at the right site.

Offer Food

People love free food. You don’t have to go overboard. Those freshly baked cookies along with coffee and tea and perhaps a cheese and veggie platter are sufficient. You want a home that says, “Welcome,” and nothing says welcome like snacks.

Make Yourself Scarce

This is often the toughest aspect of an open house for sellers, but it’s really a good idea. An open house usually doesn’t last more than a couple of hours, so go to the movies, enjoy a late brunch or spend time elsewhere with family and friends. If the owner is home, a potential buyer is reluctant to make any critical comments, and your real estate agent can answer most questions the person has. Fido and Fluffy should also go out for the afternoon, whether it’s a long walk for the former or staying with a friend or at a boarding spot for the latter.
The most successful open house results in an acceptable offer. Even if that doesn’t happen at your initial open house, word-of-mouth from an impressed visitor could send a buyer to your door.

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