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Discovering Each Hawaiian Island

If you’re considering moving to Hawaii, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most critical is which island to call your new home. Perhaps you’re currently considering just one island because it’s the island with which you’re most familiar, but each island sports its own desirable features. Before making a definite decision, explore what each island has to offer.


Although the Big Island is the largest in area, with under 200,000 residents it feels underpopulated. The Kona side is frequented by tourists, while the Hilo side is green and very wet. If you love nature and don’t mind rain, laid-back Hilo is an excellent choice. It’s also the place native Hawaiian prefer. If you love sunshine, beaches and water sports, Kona is the better choice. Hawaii is the least expensive of the larger islands in which to buy a home. As of 2018, the average single family home price on Hawaii was $330,400.


Tourism is the main industry on this lovely, lush isle. If you want to live among unspoiled nature, Kauai is the place to go. Jobs are relatively scarce outside of tourism, and the approximately 67,000 residents are spread out over Kauai. If you seek a simple lifestyle, head for Kauai. The 2018 single family median home price was $625,500.


Residents of this small island are primarily descendants of pineapple plantation workers. If you like a small town island feel, you might fall in love with Lanai. Even though there are few people, the island has great beaches and historic sites. Most people live in Lanai City, referred to as “The Village.” Most of Lanai’s businesses and commercial establishments are located in the Village. In Lanai City, the average median home price is $551,600.


Gorgeous Maui has some drawbacks, as it doesn’t have the shopping and nightlife some residents crave. The upside is that there are plenty of relatively cheap flights to Oahu available to indulge yourself, and you can then return home to quiet Maui. Besides tourism, jobs in the healthcare and construction industries are plentiful. The 2018 single family median home price was $620,000.


If you like solitude, consider this least populated isle. If you need to work, it’s not the best choice, as there are relatively few jobs. There is, however, abundant beauty, and it’s the ideal site for someone who truly wants to get away from it all. The average median home price ranges from $200,000  to $400,000, as there are relatively few houses on the market at one time.


Those who like nightlife will feel at home on Oahu. This most populated island is also the best place to find a job outside of the tourism industry in the state. Oahu also holds the dubious distinction of being the most expensive of the Hawaiian Islands. The 2018 single family median home price was $735,500. World-class shopping, dining, beaches and entertainment make this one of the best places to live in the U.S.


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