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Decorating for Summer

Summer Decorating Tips

Are you in the mood for some basic redecorating for the summer season? Hawaiians are accustomed to great weather, but it’s always fun to update your home for most relaxing time of year. If you’re handy, you can create special projects giving your home a special summer dazzle.

Lanai Dining

In summer, you and your family likely spend more time than ever in the lanai. Make this space as lovely – and usable – as possible. While tile is a beautiful and practical choice for flooring, it’s also expensive. If your lanai flooring is concrete, it can still look terrific when painted. Another option: An indoor/outdoor rug with bold print.
Create an ideal summer dining spot in your lanai using wicker or other bright, natural materials. Combine comfortable dining chairs with colorful cushions and interesting tableware to make ordinary meals a more sensuous experience. As night falls, light candles for illumination.

The Lush Life

Blur the line between the tropical indoors and outdoors with summer plantings. Attractive containers of luscious plants on the lanai complement those growing in your backyard. You can also use plants to minimize any shortcomings. If you live on a busy street, growing certain lush, flowering foliage helps reduce the noise, as well as offering privacy. Purchase plants from a reputable nursery, where store reps can advise you on the best choices for your situation and instruct you in proper care.

A Privacy Palette

Want a little more privacy in your backyard without breaking the bank. Consider a privacy garden palette – or really, a privacy pallet with a palette. All you need is a wooden pallet – make sure it isn’t chemically treated – and your imagination. First, sand and stain the pallet, then seal it. Add plant holders. Mount the pallet by simply putting two large containers of plants on each side to keep it upright. Set it up for privacy and add colorful plants – that’s the palette part. A fragrance palette fills your lanai with delightful scents, or you could try flowers with different color schemes. The privacy palette also makes a suitable herb garden. In fact, you can use both sides of the pallet for plantings, as long as you don’t overload it. Electronic lights draped around the pallet provide soft, sparkling nighttime luminescence.

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